Datadesk's new SmartBoard has been ergonomically designed to help users keyboard in the most comfortable and natural position.

Our patented SmartKey™ layout is designed to alleviate wrist and finger stress problems associated with frequent computer use. The SmartKey™ layout aligns the columns of keys so they perfectly match the natural "fanning" of the fingers. And because SmartBoard retains the standard "QWERTY" layout, no retraining is required.

SmartBoard's 20% smaller footprint fits all keyboard drawers, saving valuable desk space.

SmartBoard also features "error-free touch" with Datadesk's famous tactile-response keys.

Best of all, with Datadesk's new SmartBoard, beginning keyboarders can learn quicker and intermediate and experts can keyboard faster with fewer mistakes than ever before!

Includes a built-in USB Hub to reduce cable clutter and for desktop expandibility
Patented "fanning" key layout matches the layout of your hand
20% smaller footprint than most other split keyboards
Patented variable width keys for more efficient typing
High-quality positive feedback mechanical key switches
2-position adjustable wrist leveler plus the flat position provide a total of three (3) ergonomic typing positions

SmartBoard Product Spec Sheet now! (Requires Acrobat Reader Plug-in)

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